I am happy to know that the India Trade & Exhibition Centre m.e. (ITEC m.e.) Sharjah, is bringing out its first edition of the Indian Businessmen in the United Arab Emirates, a comprehensive directory of the Indian Businessmen in the United Arab Emirates in the first week of June 2013. I am sure this manual would become a valuable source of information on Indian Businessmen and professionals, and shall create help in expanding business opportunities and mutual interaction, not only in UAE but also in the MENA region.

Apart from being India's 2nd largest trading partner, with the annual bilateral trade of US$74.72 billion in 2012-13, UAE is also serving as a major point for re-exports to Africa and other countries. Efforts being made by organizations like ITEC will definitely further increase the trade volume between India and UAE. The manual will also assist in expanding investment relations between India and the UAE, as this would becaome a reference document for industry leaders, businessmen and professionals.

I send my best wishes to ITEC on the good job done and to all their promotional activities.

With warm regards

M.K. Lokesh

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