How to use the Manual

Indian Businessmen and Professionals Manual is a very simple document with ample source of information. Many users will not have to even read through this. The Manual is available in CD format and uploaded on a web portal titled "".

The Manual has been divided into four sections as under;

Section I – Business and Professional Leaders (Page 43-100) This section provides information on Business and Professional Leaders.

Section II – Prominent Businessmen and Professionals (Page 101 – 200) In this section Emirate wise information on prominent businessmen and professionals is provided

Section III – White Pages Alphabetical Listing (Page 201-400) In this section businessmen and professionals are Emirate wise alphabetically listed by their Company name. Prexes to the name e.g.Dr., Engr. etc have been stated at the end of the name. Those who have been included in the other sections of the Manual, page no. has been cross referenced.

Section IV – Yellow Pages Category wise Listing (Page 401-650) In this section businessmen and professionals listed in the white pages have been classied in 70 odd categories and listed Emirate and Category wise. For ease of use the emirates and categories have been suitably color coded.

Contents Page at the beginning of the manual provides vital general information.

Web Portal has all the information stated above and has search facility as well.

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